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We are thrilled to have a small trove of the very last of the Peopleshemp and Urbanhemp collection of men and women's clothes which are available for purchase at reduced prices. Our brother Mike's hemp clothing business was based in Kunming, China - the capital city of Yunnan provence - for 13 years. Besides overseeing every aspect of his clothes creation - 'Bikemike' travelled with a keen energy and passion off the beaten path in Yunnan and the golden triangle - to discover the rich history of the remarkable fabric called hemp. During his travels Mike visited ethnic people like the Yee, and he sought out and traded for quality hemp shoulder bags. A number of these are also available for purchase. Each bag is unique and a functional piece of art. We have included a link to Mike's original web-site. Be aware that the Peopleshemp site is not functioning for purchases, so please contact Paul through the sutherlandcreations link below for more details about what styles, sizes and colors of Mike's hemp clothes are still available. Photos of individual clothing items and the ethnic shoulder bags from Yunnan China are available upon request.

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We want to celebrate and promote diverse artists who share Sam's commitment to excellence and his passion for creating bold art.